Welcome to my world!

I am a marine ecologist and work as an Assistant Professor at Stockholm University, Sweden. I am broadly and passionately interested in the causes and consequences of biodiversity and biological complexity, from the level of genes to landscapes. Particularly, me and my group explore 1) how biodiversity and biotic interactions affect ecosystem responses to environmental change (resilience), 2) the linkages between organism traits, ecological processes and ecosystem services, and 3) how we can manage ecosystems to sustain their services in the long term. Sounds complex and challenging? It sometimes is – but it’s mostly very interesting and fun!

I lead a research group currently consisting of 3 PhD students and one postdoc. Our work is mainly conducted in coastal ecosystems dominated by habitat-forming (foundation) species like seagrasses, macroalgae, corals and mussels, and we work in both temperate and tropical areas. We use a combination of methods (including surveys, experiments, modeling, time-series analyses, systematic literature reviews and statistical meta-analyses) to understand the causes and consequences of biological variability and complexity.

In addition to my research, I also lead several MSc and BSc courses in tropical ecology and marine biology, and supervise students from BSc to PhD level. If you are interested in taking one of my courses, or do your BSc (kandidat) or MSc (master) project with me as a supervisor, read more here!